Rob Gronkowski reportedly in no rush to return to Patriots, enjoying offseason

Over the weekend, Rob Gronkowski seemingly gave his strongest hint of the offseason that he is planning to play football in 2018. That does not mean he is in any rush to resume working out with the New England Patriots, however.

Gronkowski was at Gillette Stadium on Saturday to announce a partnership with Monster Energy Supercross. He managed to dodge most questions from reporters about his playing future, but he may have tipped his hand when asked specifically if he has any message for fans who want answers.

Bergeron: Honestly, I haven’t really thought about it. You guys just reminded me of it. It’s great memories, for sure, something you’ll never forget. That being said, it’s a new challenge, it’s a new year. It’s been a while. It’s two different teams facing each other. Can’t put too much emphasis on that.

Morgan Rielly, Maple Leafs defenseman: I feel like I have an out because I didn’t play on that team. It actually doesn’t hang over the locker room in my opinion. There are so many new faces in here. We talked about it the other day, just a few of us, because it was being talked about in the media. We discussed it for two minutes, and then we never brought it up again. We were like, “That sucked, so let’s win this time.”

This is what the Giants must consider when analyzing Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield. They are all intriguing, but will there be that conviction on any of them?

Accorsi said he believes the criteria Gettleman established for the No. 2 pick — you must be able to project the player as a future Hall of Famer and that he must be deemed worthy of the second-overall selection in any draft — are sound. Accorsi has watched the quarterback prospects in this draft but has not studied them the way the Giants have and continue to do.

“You can’t draft by the curve at quarterback,’’ Accorsi said. “If it happens to be one of those drafts where there’s only one great player, you can’t invent one if you’re picking 2. There may be a draft you do have that worry. This draft I don’t think you have that worry.

“Dave’s got more options than I had. He’s got a bunch of options. He can go a lot of different directions.’’海鹰53

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