NFL reportedly raising debt limit on Rams stadium after L.A. project nears $5B price tag

The Los Angeles Rams are currently engaging in one of the more aggressive construction builds in modern sports history, erecting a palatial tribute to west coast football out in Inglewood, California.

We invited Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio, my dad, Jose Cruz and Enos Cabell to be part of the parade. All those guys got close in the postseason, and you could just watch them in the parade with all those people and know what was going through their minds: ‘What would it have been like if we were the team that won it ‘

It was special to see those guys enjoying it. You don’t achieve anything without the success of past teams. They build the fan base and set the standard. This was a world championship that was celebrated by anybody that ever put on an Astros uniform.

If the Giants pull the trigger on a deal involving the 25-year-old, where might he land and for what price Let’s break it down.

The NFL and Las Vegas have grown up together, an upstart sports league from the East Coast and a liberal city in the desert coming of age to emerge as icons in American culture.

During the Super Bowl era, the NFL overtook baseball, the national pastime, to become America’s favorite sport. At the same time, Las Vegas was separating itself from the mob and blossoming into an entertainment mecca — to use NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s words.

Even so, the NFL always maintained its distance from Las Vegas, concerned that the city’s legal sports betting would tarnish the integrity of its game. In 2013, the league said it wouldn’t even consider playing an exhibition game in the city because of sports betting.

Five at-bats are certainly not enough to judge his hitting — and he did hit the ball hard, albeit on the ground — but after the bad spring, after some critical evaluations from anonymous scouts, after seeing the challenges other Japanese hitters have had transitioning to the majors, it’s not at all obvious that he has that kind of offensive ceiling, especially if it has to develop in a part-time role with lots of other distractions and physical demands.patriots_305

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