The Patriots and Eagles gave us the 2nd highest-scoring Super Bowl ever

It was huge day Blake Wheeler Jersey of offense in Minnesota with the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles combining for a few Super Bowl records. The 74 total points scored in Philadelphia’s 41-33 win was one point away from tying the record for most points scored.
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The record for points in a Super Bowl was set 23 years ago by the San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Chargers. The Steve Young-led 49ers came out on top with a 49-26 win and the combined 75 points was the only time two teams combined for more than 70 points for more than two decades.

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With a dream that became a reality like that, the tweet didn’t just go viral, but had ideas for future dreams that they might have.

There’s no margin for error in the NFL and a high risk of either committing a penalty or forcing a throw off a bad read. So their RPOs are designed to be quick and generally only include hitch routes, slants, and outside runs.

They take longer to develop than RPO routes in the NFL, but that’s another benefit of linemen getting 3 yards of downfield real estate.
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One of the most popular and devastating RPOs is the glance route off a downhill run. Alabama blew the title game open against Georgia by punishing late safeties with it.

Backside routes attached to runs are generally the missing ingredient to a complete RPO attack.

To go from a little-known school in western Massachusetts to a head coaching job in the NFL takes a tremendous amount of hard work, and any failures Patricia has in Detroit won’t be from a lack of effort.

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